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Jacob Schlottke, Founder, Passes Away at 27

23 Oct Posted by in HS Wrestling Blog | Comments
Jacob Schlottke, Founder, Passes Away at 27

It is with great sadness that I write this article on the passing of a good friend, Jacob Schlottke.  This article has been one of the toughest things I’ve had to do in my life as I’ve never experienced the death of someone so close.  It’s been over 2 months since the passing of Jacob and for the first time, I’ve had the strength to be able to share my story of such a great friend.

Most of you already know that on August 11th, 2011,  Jacob passed away from a rare form of cancer that he battled for nearly two years.  It came as a shock to most, as even some of his good friends didn’t even know.  He kept it a secret from most because he didn’t want people to feel sorry for him.  Jacob was as brave as you could get.  He never seemed scared, always remained positive and he died with dignity, exactly the way he wanted to go.

I met Jacob back in high school when he moved to Apple Valley prior to his eighth grade year.  We were teammates for three years, winning two state titles and had the opportunity to wrestle for a national championship against St Edward in 2000.  Jacob was involved in the controversial match, that really swung the momentum to St. Edward’s favor.  Jacob was a great high school wrestler and clearly one of the all-time greats in Minnesota’s history.

Here are some of Jacob Schlottke’s accomplishments in wrestling:

2002 MN HS State Tournament 3A 12th 152 1st 48-0
2001 MN Christmas Tournament 3A 12th 152 1st

2001 MN/USA Wrestling State FS Junior 154 1st
2001 MN HS State Tournament 3A 11th 140 1st 47-2
2000 MN Christmas Tournament 3A 11th 145 2nd

2000 USA Wrestling Nationals FS Cadet 143 3rd
2000 MN HS State Tournament 3A 10th 130 2nd 41-3
1999 MN Christmas Tournament 3A 10th 130 1st

1999 MN HS State Tournament 3A 9th 125 6th 21-6

1998 MN HS State Tournament 3A 8th 103 3rd 36-2

  • 2x MN State Champ
  • 3x Finalist
  • 5x Medalist
  • Career Record:    193-13

Jacob asked me to work with him last season on and without hesitation, I agreed. This was a big opportunity he was giving me and I feel honored that he included me in the organization.

I always knew there was a chance Jacob wouldn’t be here someday, but I didn’t think it would be so soon.  Even while Jacob was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy, he worked all day long on his sites, always pursuing his goals.  He amazed me with his strength and determination.  Regardless of what happened, Jacob wanted the site to continue and we fully plan on accomplishing his vision.  He even said, “please don’t write an article about me, I don’t want any extra attention, and it’s unprofessional.”

I promise that this is the only wish I won’t be fulfilling for Jacob.

With the loss of Jacob, we here at HSWrestling, plan on running a similar style/format to the site as we did last year and will continue to learn and evolve as the season progresses.  Rankings, tournaments, brackets, news, results, video, etc., will all be released on a daily basis. will continue to remain FREE to the public.

Jacob was so much more than a wrestler and an entrepreneurial internet guru.  He was one of the funniest guys you’d ever meet.  He was hilarious, adventurous, always having fun and living life to the fullest.  He loved animals, the outdoors, fishing, traveling, video games, movies, gadgets, books, learning, politics, food, friends and family.  He was always doing something and always made sure everyone was having a good time.  He was a great friend, a loving husband and a devoted Christian.

Jacob meant so much to me, helping me in many areas of my life.  He was truly a great friend to have.  He was so ahead of his time and it would have been impressive to see how far he would have gone.  He will truly be missed and was loved by many.  We miss you more with everyday that passes.  Thank you for everything.

Your friend, Chad Redmann.

R.I.P. ~ Jacob Daniel Schlottke

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