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Oviedo High School Wrestling Coach Responds To Allegations Via Letter

07 May Posted by in HS Wrestling Blog | Comments
Oviedo High School Wrestling Coach Responds To Allegations Via Letter

Here is a letter that former coach J.D. Robbins sent to Oviedo parents and Florida JET [club wrestling] parents.

I am sure most of you have either heard or have seen in the media incorrect reporting on the Oviedo High School wrestling situation. Let me make it very clear that non of my wrestlers or my assistant coaches or myself did anything inappropriate or illegal. This simply boils down to Seminole county and Oviedo High School looking for a scapegoat for the fines and the charges that were levied against them.

The charges against Oviedo High School were for lack of institutional control. This does not fall under the job scope of a wrestling coach. There were other sports and other athletes that were deemed and ruled ineligible along with a plethora of administrative paperwork that was not filed properly.

The athletic director and the assistant athletic director were terminated not for just the allegations against the wrestling team but many other administrative mistakes.

I resigned as coach of the Oviedo High School Wrestling team two months ago which at the Seminole County School Board meeting last month was put into record that I had resigned for personal reasons and it was accepted. The school and the school district are well aware of this but for sensational purposes in the media said I was fired, which is obviously a lie.

Further they have ruled five wrestlers ineligible but only one was removed then reinstated three days later by a circuit court judge stating that Seminole County was misdoing in removing the student from the school. This student has remained in class and has not been sanctioned.

Without getting into each particular line item, suffice to say its not about what is right but about the perception that SCPS and OHS have chosen to try this in the media instead of spending the money and the time to fight these false allegations.

It truly saddens me that the ones that are suffering from this are the kids and it is at the hands of the people that are supposed to help protect and educate our children. I want to share with you one final issue that was the determining factor in my resigning as the head coach at Oviedo High School.

When all these false accusations started that I had called kids, recruited them to Oviedo and I had some win at all costs mentality and this horrible picture is being painted of myself and the wrestling program by the FHSAA investigator.

FHSAA requested all my personal phone and financial information be submitted for scrutiny. Now legally they have no right to these and the only way to get them would be through a court subpoena which does not qualify because this is not a court of law.

I made the decision to give them access to my home phone, cell phone, my personal checking and savings, my joint family savings, the wrestling account and my daughters college savings account which is every account I have. This was done to prove that once and for all that non of these false accusations had any merit whatsoever. FHSAA acknowledged the information that they would be reviewing and using in the investigation.

While the 37 day investigation was in progress my attorney contacted the FHSAA investigator on three different occasions to make arrangements to pick up my records. They never elected to come by and review them.

I realized at this point that FHSAA wasn’t interested in the truth but was painting a picture and reporting the false accusations that they chose to believe. I also realize that SCPS and OHS did not care what happened to myself or my wrestlers future.

I am sure that the barrage of inaccurate reporting, false accusations, and sensationalizing this situation is not over.

For example, Mr. Bianchi is a sports writer for the Orlando Sentinel and is doing a sensationalized story on the erosion of ethics in America and wants to use me as the catalyst and compare me to the Ohio State coach as a bad person. I have left two messages for him trying to let him know there is always two sides to every story and only one side is telling the truth.

I have had no response so I am assuming its more important to sell newspapers than it is to report the truth.

I want to thank all of you for your out pour of support to my staff, our wrestlers and our program. I will continue to do what I always do and that is to train wrestlers for a lifetime of winning.

All the Best,

Coach JD Robbins