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2011 Temecula Valley Invitational – Seeds & Brackets

2011 Temecula Valley Invitational – Seeds & Brackets

2011 Temecula Valley Invitational

Battle for the Belt


Brackets & Team Results



These are the FINAL seeds for the Battle for the Belt.  We understand that there will be some discussion over where some wrestlers belong in the bracket.  The coaching staff spent several hours, taking into account all the information available to us, with the ultimate goal of separating the best kids.  In the end, the kids will compete on the mat to see who takes home the belt.   Thank you to the coaches for all of your input as we try to make this tournament among the best in the state.

California Forum (Final Seeds)

1) Micah Perez (Central Union)
2) Emilio Saavedra (Pitman)
3) Johnson Mai (North Torrance)
4) Isaiah Locsin (Live Oak)
5) Leif Dominguez (Gilroy)
6) Juan Garza (Oakdale)
7) Meng Xiong (Merced)
8) Sergio Mendez (San Fernando)
9) Derek Avalos (Alta Loma)
10) Jacob Lopez (Elk Grove)
11) Andy Ia (Clovis)
12) Brandon Abdullatif (Ventura)
13) Jason Valdovinos (Turlock)

1) Nashon Garrett (Chico)
2) Victor Lopez (Calexico)
3) Jonas Gaytan (Clovis)
4) Garrett Fortado (Oakdale)
5) Josh Rodriguez (Righetti)
6) Ian Nickell (Bakersfield)
7) Arthur Carmona (Brawley)
8) Brandon Rodriguez (Clovis West)
9) Daniel Polanco (St Francis)
10) Kioni Villalobos (Santa Fe)
11) Bronson Ashjian (Cimarron)
12) Jordan Gurrollla (North Torrance); Doc B Placewinner
13) Joe Ramirez (De La Salle); 7th @ Reno TOC, Section Placer
14) Jake Gorman (San Fernando); 2nd LA Section
15) Patrick Birkimer (Ventura)
16) Austen Lazarus (Chaparral)

1) Daniel Gaytan (Clovis)
2) Steven Knoblauch (Clovis West)
3) Ray Delgado (Oak Hills)
4) Vincent Herrera (South Hills)
5) Jon Jay Chavez (De La Salle)
6) Paul Fox (Gilroy)
7) Silverio Esparza (Lemoore)
8) Mason Sauseda (Chico)
9) Chris Pena (Santa Fe)
10) Jaime Ledesma (Vista)
11) Tyler Klinkhammer (Pitman)
12) Casper Sherow (Carter)
13) Franklin Flores (San Fernando)

Notes: Highly disputed weight class at the top. Ultimately, we went best performance at last year’s state meet, giving the 3 seed to Delgado.

1) Fabian Garcia (Turlock)
2) Martin Ramirez (Elk Grove)
3) Joey Moita (De La Salle)
4) Micah Cruz (Bakersfield)
5) Dillon Rocha (Lemoore)
6) Anthony Rodriguez (Righetti)
7) Masato Fukishama (North Torrance)
8) Efren Rodriguez (Chico)
9) Jake Lincoln (Steel Canyon)
10) Justin Chua (Poway)
11) Nick Chavez (REV)
12) Vincente Hernandez (Clovis)
13) Sergio Enloe (Clovis B)
14) Mike Manuche (Westview)

1) Natrelle Demison (Bakersfield)
2) Nicholas Villareal (Gilroy)
3) Juan Salas (Clovis)
4) Oscar Lizarraga (Brawley)
5) Andrew Perez (Pitman)
6) Chris Calcagno (Clovis North)
7) Tanner Feurstein (Oakdale)
8) Rudy Delgado (North Torrance); H2H over Egelston
9) Brandon Egelston (Turlock); former state placer, Reno TOC placer
10) Chad Gregory (Poway); San Diego Section Placer
11) Michael Rodriguez (Alta Loma); CIF Champ, 5th @ TV last year
12) TJ Grisafe (La Costa Canyon); 2nd CIF
13) Rod Keaster (Sultana); 4th CIF, H2H over Micou (TV)
14) Joe Micou (Temecula Valley); H2H over Zimmer of Clovis West
15) Tyler Zimmer (Clovis West); placed 6th at Doc B over other potential seeds in the weight class.
16) Anthony Figueroa (San Fernando); 3rd LA Section

Notes: Being completely honest, this was by far the toughest weight to seed one through sixteen. Any which way it gets seeded, opposing coaches will have arguments that are valid depending on your perspective. Ultimately, head to head victories and former state/section placing took precedence in deciding the seeds.

1) Vince Rodriguez (Clovis North)
2) Willie Fox (Gilroy)
3) Miguel Gallegos (San Fernando); H2H over Taylor at state last year and undefeated
4) Jesse Taylor (Poway)
5) Alec Smith (Sultana)
6) Jacob Leon (Alta Loma)
7) Ethan Arvizu (Carlsbad)
8) Brady Beamon (Steele Canyon)
9) AJ Fierro (Bakersfield)
10) Tyler Malone (Oakdale)
11) Braden Henderson (Elk Grove)
12) Antonio Perez (Central Union)
13) Daniel Leyva (Monte Vista)
14) Jason Howard (Carter)
15) Louie DeLaTorre (Temescal Canyon)
16) Luke Garza (Montclair)

1) Isaiah Martinez (Lemoore)
2) Nick Cano (St Francis); 3rd at state, undefeated
3) Shane Tate; 3rd at state, 2 losses
4) Blake Kastl (Gilroy); 6th at state
5) Tim Box (Bakersfield)
6) Alex Abono (De La Salle)
7) Erick Zumwalt (Edison)
8) Pang Lee (Chico)
9) Eli Mack (Alta Loma)
10) Matt Brazil (Great Oak)
11) Abraham Betancourt (San Marcos)
12) Eneas Kane (Westview)
13) BJ Solis (Hoover)
14) Marc Carreon (Central Union)

Notes: By far this was the toughest to seed at the top. Two through four all have viable arguments as to why they should be the 2 seed. Again, it came down to state placing. Cano was third at state and is currently undefeated. Tate was third at state and currently has two losses. Kastl was sixth at state. While we acknowledge that Kastl had to forfeit to sixth as a result of injury, sixth place is what he finished.

1) Sawyer Smith (Brawley)
2) Michael Gonzalez (Sultana)
3) David Ferry (Oakdale)
4) Colbey Garrison (Cimarron)
5) Jorge Barajas (Saint Francis)
6) Jesse Baldazzo (Liberty)
7) Brady Bersano (Clovis)
8) Damien Arredondo (Buchanan)
9) Anthonie Linares (Oak Grove)
10) Austin Branum (Del Oro)
11) Brenden Watson (Westview)
12) Cesar Arvizu (Carlsbad)
13) Brenton Visnoski (Edison)
14) Max Francesconi (Elk Grove)
15) Bryan Seefried (Dana Hills)
16) Alex Cruz (Bloomington)

1) Joey Davis (Santa Fe)
2) Shervin Iraniha (Monte Vista)
3) Adam Fierro (Bakersfield)
4) Juan Alvarado (Bloomington)
5) Chris Romero (Carlsbad)
6) Kevin Burrage (Del Oro)
7) Devin Poindexter (Clovis North)
8) Dustin Harris (Oakdale)
9) Sam Hopkins (St Francis)
10) John England (Pitman)
11) Josh McFadden (Central Union)
12) Dominic Smothers (REV)

1) Blake Thompson (Clovis)
2) Foster Fretland (Del Oro)
3) Matt Negrete (Buchanan)
4) Ryan Bortness (Ventura)
5) Curtis Siegfried (De La Salle)
6) Henry Donahue (Poway)
7) Jesse Whalen-Orona (Carlsbad)
8) Greg Meline (Edison)
9) Robert Gonzalez (San Fernando)
10) Marcel Vega (Pitman)
11) Robbie Crider (La Sierra)
12) Drask Bogdanovish (San Marcos)
13) Ronald Johnson (South Hills)
14) Scott Votino (Elk Grove)

1) Nikko Reyes (Clovis West)
2) Zach Nevills (Clovis)
3) Bradley Johnson (Canyon Springs)
4) Trent Noon (Oakdale)
5) Silas Nacita (Bakersfield)
6) Austin Crider (Poway)
7) Omar Vega (Montclair)
8) Taylor Rippy (REV)
9) Jacob Pendelton (Lemoore)
10) Ryan McWatters (Sultana)
11) Jake Uhler (Del Oro)
12) Brett Sayre (Temecula Valley)

1) Lucas Sheridan (De La Salle)
2) Ross Longnecker (Chico); H2H over Quam this year
3) Preston Quam (San Clemente)
4) Robert Marchese (Oak Hills)
5) Dakota Gordon (Clovis)
6) Ryan Davies (Clovis B)
7) Severne Heredia (Poway)
8) Reuban Franklin (Vista Murrieta)
9) Nathaniel Lopez (Lemoore)
10) Ryan Rees (Great Oak)
11) Robert Poole (Cimarron)
12) Matt Teeples (Pitman)

1) Porfi Sosa (Poway)
2) AC Brown (Oakdale)
3) Jeff Vargas (South Hills)
4) Taylor Ferguson (Clovis)
5) Hayden Yacobucci (San Clemente)
6) Gerrardo Aguirre (Oak Hills)
7) Josh Letuligasenoa (Elk Grove)
8) Kyle Martinez (Pitman)
9) Cody Williams (La Costa Canyon)
10) Sahym Mesa (West Hills)
11) Charlie Rassel (Carlsbad)
12) Rene Sanchez (Bloomington)
13) Lorenzo Villela (Montclair)
14) Ben Kingsley (Ventura)

1) Nicholas Nevills (Clovis)
2) Alex Kelley (Vista)
3) Steven Wood (Lemoore)
4) Dylan Wynn (De La Salle)
5) Bryan Hayashida (Elk Grove)
6) Jumoke Hunter (Clovis West)
7) Phillip White (Temescal Canyon)
8) Martin Gonzalez (Montclair); H2H over Hala
9) Sola Hala (St John Bosco)
10) Zach Smith (Temecula Valley)
11) Ted Peralta (San Fernando)
12) David Gomez (Canyon Springs)
13) Shea Bailey (El Dorado)
14) Chris Alonso (Central Union)

Battle for the Belt Preview