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Super 32 Wrestling Tournament Preview by Brandon Scott

17 Oct Posted by in HS Wrestling Blog | Comments
Super 32 Wrestling Tournament Preview by Brandon Scott

I know this is REALLY early, but unless someone withdraws due to injury, I’m not going to change my mind between now and November 1. Also, I’m not sure if the current entries has the wild-cards added or not, and if they don’t please let me know so I can change my rankings accordingly. Super 32 is without a doubt the BEST preseason tournament. So much so, that national rankings are actually affected by a tournament with less than normal match times. Personally, I’m a big fan of the 2-1-1 format.

I reserve the right to be wrong, however, I will gloat evilly and maniacly if just one of my predictions come true!

1. Earl Hall (Robert Morgan, FL)
2. Taylor Whitt (Norfolk Academy, VA)
3. Jacob Goodwin (Bishop Lynch, TX)

I’m gonna need some help with this one. A bunch of freshman, and beyond the top 3, not a lot of name guys. However, if someone does help me out and gives me some credentials on some of the other participants, I reserve the right to use your information as if it were my own, to further my parent’s absolutely baseless belief that I am a genius.

1. Nico Megaludis (Franklin Regional, PA)
2. Cameron Throckmorton (South Western, PA)
3. Devin Carter (Christiansburg, VA)
4. Nick Arajau (St. Anthony’s, NY)
5. Sean Boylan (St. Mark’s, DE)
6. Stephen Spradlin (Camden County, GA)
7. Kory Mines (Maple Heights, OH)
8. Ryan Renkey (Brandon, FL)

Now we’re talking! This isn’t a loaded weight, but the quarters should be fun. There are about 8 or so really high level kids. There are some stud freshman and 8th graders that are going to get beat up at this tournament and not place, at what is normally a good weight for the younger ages. Everything starts with Nico Megaludis, a kid I think was the second best 103 in PA last year. I’m anxious to see how NY state champ Arajau fares in this top-heavy weight class. Stephen Spradlin of GA is really good wrestler, but is really hot/cold. If he’s on, he places. If he’s off, he could easily go 0-2. Not indicative of his true talent, but it is possible.

1. Tyler Cox (Campbell County, WY)
2. Alan Waters (Park Hill, MO)
3. Zach Neibert (St. Parish Graham, OH)
4. Frank Cagnina (Queen of Peace, NJ)
5. David Klingsheim (Liberty, CA)
6. Sean Dolan (St Mark’s DE)
7. Shane Gentry (Colonial Forge, VA)
8. Evan Warrington (Henry County, GA)

Me like! Me like! I hope after Cox wins this thing, the rankers do him justice and rank him NO. 1! I don’t know how you punish a kid who beats Ryan Mango in Folkstyle & Greco, IN THE SAME SUMMER, and rank him below. He couldn’t go to Fargo because he was too busy training for the JR World Greco Team, a team he made after beating Mango. :( Oh well. Waters Neibert in the semis should be tremendous. I get to fall in love with Flo all over again! Don’t know much about Klingsheim, but winning states in CA is no easy feat, so I give him a lot of credit. Cagnina is a junior?! Wow, I didn’t even realize that. Don’t be surprised if the Garden Stater ends up in the finals.

1. Jimmy Chase (Glenbard North, IL)
2. Tucker Armstrong (St. Paris Graham, OH)
3. Michael Garofalo (Colonial Forge, VA)
4. Jamie Franco (Monroe Woodbury, NY)
5. Raymond Borja (Hayfield, VA)
6. Tony James (Weintzville, MO)
7. Brandon Westerman (McEachern, GA)
8. Tyler Liberatore (Brandon, FL)

Jimmy “Greco at Binghamton” Chase is the headliner, and should storm through a decent bracket. I’m pretty high on Armstrong, but I’m also an unabashed fan of Jeff Jordan and that Graham program (I guess being defending national champs will do that). In all honesty I probably have Missouri State Champ Tony James too low, but hey, this is my predictions dadgummit! Garofalo is a great talent and pretty fun to watch, is consistent, and I think he does well here. My buddy Raymond Borja, runner-up to Garofalo at VA States a year ago is due a breakout. Westerman is looooong… and long wrestlers tend to give anyone fits. Liberatore will have to do some serious work to place at this weight, but I like what I’ve seen from Brandon’s next 5-timer (just an aside, I think Clark Glass becomes the first, considering 4 years from now, I think Liberatore will be noticably bigger than Glass) I also reserve the right to say that this will be super-frosh Jason Tsirtsis’ coming out party! You heard it here first.

1. Anthony Curcio (Washington Township, NJ)
2. Corey Mock (Chapell Hill, NC)
3. Nick Schenk (St. Marks, DE)
4. Eric Spjut (The Woodlands, TX)
5. Ian Squires (Colonial Forge VA)
6. Joshua Harper (Mishawaka, IN)
7. Daniel Osterman (St. John’s, MI)
8. Chris Dardanes (Oak Park River, IL)

Yeah, I know. I placed three nationally ranked (AWN) guys under a NJ runner-up. I just like Curcio (yes, in a man-love kind of way, but not THAT way, just blame FLO, otherwise I’d never have seen the kid wrestle and fell in love), and believe he will make it to, and ultimately win, a Super 32 Championship. With that said, Mock is probably going to prove me wrong, and further validate his status as a wrestler to be reckoned with. North Carolina is not known for its wrestling and Mock has a great chance to prove that some Tar Heels know how to RASSLE. Chris Dardanes only placed 5th in Illinois, but I have a high view of him, obviously. In the end, expect the semis to fierce and tight. The top 4 is easily interchangeable.

1. David Taylor (St. Paris Graham, OH)
2. Josh Kindig (Blue Mountain, PA)
3. Ellis Coleman (Oak Park River, IL)
4. Josh Dziewa (Pennsbury, PA)
5. Wilson Mettellus (South Dade, FL)
6. Joe Lospinoso (David Brearley, NJ)
7. Kodi Silvestri (Wallkill Valley, NJ)
8. Stephen Dutton (Rocky Point, NY)

What a weight! Honestly, you get to the quarters and ALL of these guys are capable of beating each other. I say this only because, logic states that Taylor is going to have a rougher, tougher time jumping up so many weight classes. However, I have to believe that a summer spent with Cael Sanderson and Iowa State Camps is going to have a great effect on Taylor’s ability to wrestle up. That, and I’m sure Cael gave let him a eat a bowl or two of the Sanderson-covered Wheaties. It sounds like he is actually cutting to get to 135, so one has to only wonder if strength came with his size. Kindig must have slipped his Fargo roommates a love potion, because both of the Altons are (finally) a weight above him. I don’t see either of the Altons making 135 ever again though. Ellis Coleman earned my respect by taking Eric Grajales to the wire in the Junior Greco Finals. I know that’s Greco, but this kid is a phenom – strong, fast and a brawler. I don’t see returning champ Dziewa leaving North Carolina with a belt, and it’s more because of his competition than my lack of belief in his ability. Wilson Mettellus will surprise some people at this weight, but don’t be. An athlete who placed at NHSCA juniors a year ago, this Florida kid can wrestle with the big boys. Now New Jerseans and New Yorkans can agree on something and try to murder me – STATE-RUNNER-UPS 6TH AND 7TH?! Yep, sorry. And i’m not sure who’s better between Dutton and Paul Ligouri, so I flipped a coin! (Yes, it was two-headed, but that’s not the point, I really just don’t care)

1. Andrew Alton (Central Mountain, PA)
2. Collin Palmer (St Edward, OH)
3. Taylor Massa (St. Johns, MI)
4. Troy Silver (Bishop Lynch, TX)
5. Collin Shober (Schuylkill Valley, PA)
6. Mike Nevinger (Letchworth Central, NY)
7. Steven Sandefer (Mishakawa, IN)
8. Codey Combs (Sussex Central, DE)

It says a lot about the talent of the Alton brothers, that this would not be that much of an upset. Collin Palmer is the destructive-leg-riding Ohio Force, and Alton the technical, strong, gritty typical PA kid. I have to think that the summer that Andrew had is going to carry over. Taylor Massa is the nation’s best freshman, and I think he adds to his impressive resume by placing just behind two of the best wrestlers at any weight. Shober will have a lot to say about that, and so will Nevinger, but this wouldn’t be much fun if i always chose experience over youth! I’m probably selling Sandefer and Combs short, but they’ll get their chance to prove me wrong.

1. Dylan Alton (Central Mountain, PA)
2. David Habat (St. Ignatius, OH)
3. Joey Napoli (Cumberland Valley, PA)
4. Gabriel Bird (Osceola, FL)
5. Kaleb Friedley (Park Hill, MO)
6. Joey Cozart (Brandon, FL)
7. Harrison Hightower (University, OH)
8. Jackson Morse (Lowell, MI)
9. Daniel Domanico (Lovett, GA)
10. Emmanuel Ajagbe (Bogota, NJ)
11. Derek Olson (Muskego, WI)
12. Justin Martinez (Wyoming Seminary, PA)
13. Kevin Timothy (Brandon, FL)
14. Calib Rought (Fremont, MI)
15. Taylor March (East Noble, IN)
16. Blake Roulo (Matoaca, VA)

First, I know Super 32 only places 8, but this weight class is the best, the deepest and the toughest. 135 and 119 may have more top-level guys, but pound for pound, this weight is going to battle after the 3rd round on. Consider, I have a MICHIGAN STATE CHAMP ranked 14th, and a Cadet Freestyle Second-Placer 16th. Is that too low? probably, but this is my blog and and I do what I want. Obviously Dylan Alton is valedictorian of the class. (and probably local heartthrob, to boot) The Fargo Double Winner just might be the best wrestler in high school. David Habat is a dangerous, dangerous wrestler. I think he manages to upend Napoli, if he meets him. Bird finished a super-suprising 3rd at Fargo Freestyle. He’s a realy complete wrestler and a kid I’ve watched for the last 6 years or so. If he gets hot he’ll make the finals. Friedley’s current highlight is placing 3rd at Cadet Freestyle. One of my favorite wrestlers, Joey Cozart, I have ranked lower than his talent-level. Much in the same way his brother, I think his lack of willingness to committ to leg-attack offense is going to cost him. Especially with the format. A brawler with a gas tank, Cozart won’t have the full six minutes to wear out opponents. Athletic NJ State Placer Ajagbe could burst a few bubbles too. (although I would like to see more than his recent Academy Award Performance on FLO – titled Daddy Don’t Go. The scene where he holds his father leg in the fetal position and cries the tears of the African Slave Trade is forever etched in my silver-screen mind.)

1. Marshall Peppelman (Central Dauphin, PA)
2. Brandon Rolnick (Lawrenceville School, NJ)
3. Adam Miller (Sparta, MI)
4. Taylor Knapp (Collins Hill, GA)
5. Glenn Cannici (Queen of Peace, NJ)
6. Alex Eggers (Osceola, FL)
7. Issah Meade (Caesar Rodney, DE)
8. Wally Figaro (Brandon, FL)

UGH… this is the most boring weight class. Even though 285 may not have top-line talent, at least that weight is a toss up. Peppelman will walk through this tournament. Rolnick is a National Prep Winner, and I have to imagine will be game to make it to the finals. Taylor Knapp, a veteran of Collins Hill’s annually tough schedule, will place and it wouldn’t be beyond him to make it to the finals. Meade isn’t as strong as his brother, but a similar talent is there. Alex Eggers is a phenomonal athlete and should place, as well as Brandon’s (possibly JV) Wally Figaro.

1. Jason Luster (Woodberry School, VA)
2. Corey Lear (Benton, PA)
3. Stephen West (Buchanon, CA)
4. Justin Armstrong (Bishop Lynch, TX)
5. Derek Felton (Corona Del Sol, AZ)
6. Briar Runyan (Martinsville, IN)
7. Zaqueray Berridge (Brandon, FL)
8. John Nichols (Lakeland, FL)

More of the Geriatric Derby, than Kentucky, 160 isn’t loaded with a lot of thoroughbreds, but it’ll be nice to see the development of now-freshman, former junior-high-phenom Jason Luster. Surprisingly absent through this last summer, we’ll see how much he’s developed. I probably have Armstrong too low, but Lear is probably the best guy at this weight. I like upsets, what can I say?

1. Jacob Harmer (Gainesville, FL)
2. Ed Ruth (Blair Academy, NJ)
3. Tanner Eitel (Bishop Lynch, TX)
4. Ethan Blackstock (Alexander, GA)
5. Anthony Saulle (Delran, NJ)
6. Nick Milano (Cathedral Prep, PA)
7. Braden Carter (Christiansburg, VA)
8. Levi Clemons (Osceola, FL)

At the risk of angering my Facebook buddy, and giving bulletin-board material for Ruth and Blair Academy, I really think Harmer wins. Brutal on top, Harmer should get the 2 seed, and at the least, I hope, will be on the opposite side of the bracket of Ruth. They had a close, close match at NHSCA Duals, and I see the same thing here. Eitel and Blackstock should battle it out for third, but in retrospect, I probably have Saulle and Milano too low. Oh well.

1. Jon Fausey (Mountain Line, PA)????????????
1. Joey Piro (Northhampton, PA)
2. Dallas Brown (Delone Catholic, PA)
3. Josh Smith (Octorara, PA)
4. Nicholas Mills (University, OH)
5. Caylor Williams (Palm Bay, FL)
6. Derrick Borlie (Millbrook, VA)
7. Dillon Kern (Fowlerville, MI)
8. Billy Kurling (Great Bridge, VA)

I heard a dirty little rumor that Fausey was allowed in after the 1250-registrants deadline, so someone can tell me yes or no. If so, expect an all PA semis. Of course, Mills and Williams may have something to say about that. Williams is as athletic as they come, especially at such a high weight class.

1. Antonio Giorgio (Warwick, PA)
2. Willie Wiggins (South Dade, FL)
3. Nicholas McDiarmid (Fowlervile, MI)
4. Preston Willared (Cox, VA)
5. Ryan Nelisse (Elyria, OH)
6. CJ Collins (Collins Hill, GA)
7. Vinny Campanile (Lenape Valley, NJ)
8. Pierce Embry (Kempsville, VA)

Ech! I spit this weight class out with the stench and taste of a dead baby on Christmas Eve. Who can argue with a sophomore state runner-up from PA? Not you, not me, not LIMARTIN. Wiggins gets a chance to show the nation just how athletic he is. Don’t know a thing about the rest of these guys!


Honestly. Do you want me to be honest? No friggin clue!

Well, wrestling fans, until another absolutely mind-numbingly boring day at work, I bid you adieu. Feel free to destroy my person and send hate mail.