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Nowry, Morrison, Moore, Mason return to gold-medal finals at Junior Freestyle Nationals

26 Jul Posted by in State Portals | Comments
Nowry, Morrison, Moore, Mason return to gold-medal finals at Junior Freestyle Nationals

by Gary Abbott USA Wrestling

The finals and medal matches have been set for the 2008 ASICS/Vaughan Junior Freestyle Nationals with the completion of the pool finals on Friday night at the FargoDome.

Returning 2007 Junior double champion Max Nowry of Illinois at 105 pounds qualified for the finals once again. Nowry is seeking to be a double champion for the second straight year, after claiming the Junior Greco-Roman title on Tuesday for his third career Junior title.

The other three returning Junior National freestyle champions have also secured a place in the final round: Jon Morrison of Illinois at 119 pounds, Nate Moore of Iowa at 130 pounds and Mario Mason of New Jersey at 152 pounds.

2007 Junior National runners-up Eric Thompson of Iowa (285) will be in the finals.

Four 2007 Cadet National champions will seek to move up and win a Junior Nationals title this year: Logan Stieber of Ohio (125), Josh Kindig of Pennsylvania (135), Dylan Alton of Pennsylvania (135) and Andrew Alton of Pennsylvania (140).

Four 2008 Junior Greco-Roman champions have reached the freestyle finals: Stieber Dylan Alton, Ryan Mango of Missouri (112) and Tyrell Fortune of Oregon (215).

The finals of the ASICS/Vaughan Junior Nationals will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

98 pounds
7th Place Match – Jake Schramm (Illinois) vs Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Bout:1966
5th Place Match – Nick Clobes (Minnesota) vs William Hagany (New Jersey) Bout:1967
3rd Place Match – Brenan Lyon (Michigan) vs Brandon Davis (Delaware) Bout:1968
1st Place Match – Tyler Fraley (New Jersey) vs Jade Rauser (Montana) Bout:1969
105 pounds
7th Place Match – Alex Kostenborder (Oregon) vs Brandon Bowers (Oregon) Bout:1970
5th Place Match – Robert Dyar (Alabama) vs Matthew Gurule (Colorado) Bout:1971
3rd Place Match – Brandon Nelson (Indiana) vs Sean Boylan (Delaware) Bout:1972
1st Place Match – Max Nowry (Illinois) vs Ryak Finch (Arizona) Bout:1973
112 pounds
7th Place Match – Kyle Waldo (Michigan) vs Cesar Sanchez (California) Bout:1974
5th Place Match – Alan Waters (Missouri) vs Alex Minnard (Ohio) Bout:1975
3rd Place Match – Camden Eppert (Indiana) vs Cody Tyler (Missouri) Bout:1976
1st Place Match – Shane Young (Pennsylvania) vs Ryan Mango (Missouri) Bout:1977
119 pounds
7th Place Match – Justin Brooks (Indiana) vs Joe Roth (Illinois) Bout:1978
5th Place Match – Joe Colon (Iowa) vs Sharky Slyter (Kansas) Bout:1979
3rd Place Match – David Thorn (Minnesota) vs Vinny Dellafave (New Jersey) Bout:1980
1st Place Match – Jon Morrison (Illinois) vs Justin Forrest (Missouri) Bout:1981
125 pounds
7th Place Match – Jake Demmon (Iowa) vs Josh Keszler (South Dakota) Bout:1982
5th Place Match – Justin Lavalle (Minnesota) vs Eric Dunnett (New Jersey) Bout:1983
3rd Place Match – Anthony Ramos (Illinois) vs George Ivanov (Iowa) Bout:1984
1st Place Match – Sam White (Ohio) vs Logan Stieber (Ohio) Bout:1985
130 pounds
7th Place Match – Jed Lightfoot (Illinois) vs Chris Head (Indiana) Bout:1986
5th Place Match – Bret Baumbach (Iowa) vs Scott Mattingly (Ohio) Bout:1987
3rd Place Match – Mike Leholm (Michigan) vs Eric Grajales (Florida) Bout:1988
1st Place Match – Jose Mendoza (California) vs Nate Moore (Iowa) Bout:1989
135 pounds
7th Place Match – Kyle Bradley (Missouri) vs Luke Vaith (Minnesota) Bout:1990
5th Place Match – C.J. Napier (Kansas) vs Nick Lester (Missouri) Bout:1991
3rd Place Match – Dustin Walraven (South Dakota) vs Matthew Mcdonough (Iowa) Bout:1992
1st Place Match – Josh Kindig (Pennsylvania) vs Dylan Alton (Pennsylvania) Bout:1993
140 pounds
7th Place Match – Steve Monk (Wisconsin) vs Tony Valek (Minnesota) Bout:1994
5th Place Match – Vlad Dombrowski (California) vs Alec Hoffman (Iowa) Bout:1995
3rd Place Match – Craig Wilson (Missouri) vs Brandon Wilbourn (Missouri) Bout:1996
1st Place Match – Bobby Barnhisel (Illinois) vs Andrew Alton (Pennsylvania) Bout:1997
145 pounds
7th Place Match – Kyle Lang (Ohio) vs Daniel Chow (Hawaii) Bout:1998
5th Place Match – David Rios (California) vs David Watts (California) Bout:1999
3rd Place Match – Gabriel Bird (Florida) vs Zach Clemente (New York) Bout:2000
1st Place Match – Matt Lester (Missouri) vs Jimmy Belleville (Washington) Bout:2001
152 pounds
7th Place Match – Jared Kusar (Ohio) vs Cody Compton (Missouri) Bout:2002
5th Place Match – Brock Gutches (Oregon) vs Tigran Adzhemyan (California) Bout:2003
3rd Place Match – Lee Munster (Illinois) vs Bobby Ward (Pennsylvania) Bout:2004
1st Place Match – Mario Mason (New Jersey) vs Derek St. John (Iowa) Bout:2005
160 pounds
7th Place Match – Tyler Koehn (Kansas) vs Corey Lear (Pennsylvania) Bout:2006
5th Place Match – Alec Ortiz (Oregon) vs Dallas Bailey (Oklahoma) Bout:2007
3rd Place Match – Joshua Condon (Georgia) vs Eric Cubberly (Ohio) Bout:2008
1st Place Match – Alex Meade (Delaware) vs Andrew Howe (Indiana) Bout:2009
171 pounds
7th Place Match – Spence Patrick (Idaho) vs Kyle Cuthbertson (Alabama) Bout:2010
5th Place Match – Stephen West (California) vs Ryan Loder (California) Bout:2011
3rd Place Match – Ethen Lofthouse (Utah) vs Travis Rutt (Minnesota) Bout:2012
1st Place Match – Josh Asper (Maryland) vs Ben Bennett (Michigan) Bout:2013
189 pounds
7th Place Match – Brent Haynes (Missouri) vs Justin Rau (Iowa) Bout:2014
5th Place Match – Jonathan Fausey (Pennsylvania) vs Jake Swartz (Washington) Bout:2015
3rd Place Match – Josh Ihnen (Iowa) vs Grant Gambrall (Iowa) Bout:2016
1st Place Match – Brian Roddy (Ohio) vs Chris Perry (Oklahoma) Bout:2017
215 pounds
7th Place Match – Jake Glore (Missouri) vs Tony Nelson (Minnesota) Bout:2018
5th Place Match – Aaron Pavlenko (Arizona) vs Jesse Boyden (New Jersey) Bout:2019
3rd Place Match – Brandon Palik (Pennsylvania) vs Orlando Scales (Ohio) Bout:2020
1st Place Match – Byron Tate (Iowa) vs Tyrell Fortune (Oregon) Bout:2021
285 pounds
7th Place Match – Jeremy Johnson (Ohio) vs John Hiles (Ohio) Bout:2022
5th Place Match – Daniel Walker (New Jersey) vs Jake Bruns (North Dakota) Bout:2023
3rd Place Match – Jarret (bubba) Owens (Oregon) vs Ben Apland (Illinois) Bout:2024
1st Place Match – Stephen Andrus (Kansas) vs Eric Thompson (Iowa) Bout:2025